ACMAXX LCD Armor is a hard Poly-carbonate screen protector with UV Low-Reflection Coating. It helps protect your valuable investment from dust, moisture and scratches, which can lead to costly repairs. LCD Armor designed can be left on the screen at all times for protection. It keeps the screen of your Camera LCD screen clean and safe from damage.

 1. Scratch, Dust and Water resist
Poly-carbonate LCD Armor with Nano coatings makes it scratch, dust and water resistant. Surface hardness reaches 5H V.S. regular LCD coating fewer than 2H.

2. UV (Ultraviolet) Coating
UV coating provides additional benefits of correction for   Ultraviolet (UV) light which can affect LCD as a bluish cast and can obscure distant details. Ultraviolet coating allows you to correct for the UV effect to varying degrees. It makes your LCD display better color and clarity. Multicoated to minimize reflection at the LCD screens which reduces flare and ghosting.

3. Proprietary Low-Reflection Coating
This technology allows ACMAXX LCD Armor to effectively reduce reflection of sunlight and interior lighting to provide vivid pictures wherever you are.

4. Wide Viewing Angles (176º H x 176º V)
ACMAXX LCD Armor's viewing angles are so wide, you can view the screen clearly from anywhere.

5. Poly-carbonate0.8mm, resists yellowing non-glare hard coating.
ACMAXX LCD Armor is designed to deliver top quality with long product life.

6. High light Transmission - over 92%
High light transmission materiel ensure that ACMAXX LCD ARMOR can produce the most accurate and consistent color gradations possible.

7.  Proprietary Designs - DSLR Models ONLY
Any proprietary designed ACMAXX LCD Armor has a unique model number. It will perfectly match your screen and it looks integrated with your devices.

8. Chrome Style Trim
Custom style design make a more dramatic statement than almost any other option. Get your digital camera more than a few envious looks

9. Easy to handle and apply.
This is a hard frame type of protector. Very easy to apply and it can be removed.
It snap around the LCD and it will NOT touch the LCD screen
It can be applied and detach at any time.

Check here: how to install and remove